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I don’t believe that you need to be born with style, some sort of stylish intuition or a stylish upbringing. Everyone can learn.

And when you start to learn you will see that your style is so important. In a modern world your style can often communicate more than your own words, and some of us have yet to learn how to master the language.

Through observance I have found that the basics of style aren’t often communicated with the objective of educating. There is so much content that focuses a lot on features of the stylish and beautiful things to buy or invest in, but how do you know if those things are right for you? Will they accentuate the best parts of you and encourage your confidence?

That is our motivation at Cadence Brave, we focus on the language of style and hope to see our readers utilise the content we put forward and discover a new air of confidence.


Carmel Dunne

Katie Fergus | Photography